Lenda VET Nature

Lenda VET Nature

Lenda VET Nature was born to extend Lenda’s principles to a sector where more than good intentions are required, where the facts tip the balance towards the resolution of pathologies, health and full quality of life, becoming the first natural veterinary line. 

Slimming Lenda VET Nature

Slimming & Sterilized

Overweight and hyperlipidemia problems.
Size 2-10Kg.

Urinary Lenda VET Nature


Control and dilution of kidney stones.
Size 2-10Kg.

Gastro Lenda VET Nature

Gastro & Atopic

Skin, gastrointestinal, coat and digestive problems.
Size 2-10Kg.

Renal Lenda VET Nature

Renal & Oxalate

Chronic kidney disease and oxalate stones.
Size 2-10Kg.

Allergic Lenda VET Nature

Allergic solution

Food allergies and intolerances.
Size 2-10Kg.

Mobility Lenda VET Nature

Mobility & Joints

Joint problems in adult dogs.
Size 2-10Kg.

Diabetic Lenda VET Nature


Treatment of diabetes mellitus.
Size 2-10Kg.

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