Does your dog eat stranger things like sticks, soil, grass or stones?
  Is he very excited at dinner time?
  Does he have bad breath or dandruff? Is he scratching himself all the time?
  Is he having troubles communicating?
  Is he over excited and it is almost impossible to calm him down?

Did you know that your dog’s behavior can be consequence of a bad diet?

Like humans, a dog’s diet can have bad consequences on them, even if you can not see it at first sight. If we see that our dog chews and eats sticks, big quantities of grass, toilet paper tubes or other stranger materials like carpets or clothes – he might be trying to “compensate” his diet.

However, it is not the only consequence, because an inadequate diet can also end in physical issues. If you see your pet fidgety or that is constantly scratching around his tail, his paws and belly can be a sign to change his diet. The problem is that these symptoms usually are misunderstood with hyperactivity or sensitivity.
Dog’s might have a regular digestion and they shouldn’t have to poop six or seven times a day.

On another hand, some studies show that diet can afect dogs in an emotional and physical way, same as it happens in humans. All this can cause obessity in our pets and it could also be a reason for the dog to have learning difficulties. Therefore, it is very important to provide an adecuate diet and quality products to the furry ones. A good physical condition and a good behavior in your pet depends on his diet.

They do not deserve less than that!

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