With the Easter holidays just around the corner, you may already be thinking about what you’re going to do this easter. If you’ve decided to take a road trip with your furry best friend, you may have some doubts about how he or she should travel with you in the car Don`t worry¡ Here’s how to travel with your furry friend in the car comfortably and, above all, safely

Before traveling by car with your dog

If your dog isn’t used to the car, it would be a good idea to take advantage of a day off during the previous weeks to make short trips with him. There are dogs that get very dizzy and others that make the journey without any problem, but in any case, it will be more comfortable for you to know what you are facing, and for him if the situation isn’t new to him. If on these first few journeys (or on other journeys you have made before) your dog becomes dizzy and often vomits, or becomes excessively nervous, you may be able to talk to your vet about whether you should give him any pills or medication  Make sure you prepare everything you will need for the trip:

  • Dog collar with identification (ideally with your phone number on it): you don’t want your dog to get lost in a strange place without any identification, Really?
  • Their usual food for the day of the trip, including fresh water and a couple of bowls to serve both at stops
  • Old towels and waste bags (just in case)
  • A restraint system and a protection for the dog

How do you travel by car with your dog?

The most common way to comply with the regulations and ensure that your pet travels safely is to choose for one of these two types of restraint: either carry them in the boot, with a separation and protection net (preferably in a suitably sized carrier), or if they are small, put them in a carrier that will be placed on the floor of the back seat. A third option, also valid, is for them to sit in the back seat of the car, fastened with a double-anchor harness, but the problem is that this is attached to two seat belts, and therefore reduces the occupancy of the car by two seats  The harness with a single harness is not recommended because it can be dangerous for the animal and for the occupants of the vehicle in the event of an accident In any case, never let the animal loose ( even less, so sticking its head out of the window, although some dogs love it), as in the event of an accident it would be very harmful both for the dog and for the driver and other passengers in the car. Once on the road, remember to make frequent stops so that your dog can relieve itself, eat and drink a little, take a short walk, etc. Bear in mind that the dog doesn’t think, as you do, that there is only one hour to go, but that he has already been locked up in a small place for two hours and that he may be dizzy.

And as we always recommend…..lots of patience¡

We are sure that, with these tips, your trip will go smoothly¡ 🏖️

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