The Symptoms of stress in dogs and cats are very diverse but something in common is found in our furry “rare or stranger”, expressing attitudes not usual in it.

The dogs and the cats have some symptoms in common, such as excessive scratching, compulsive body licking and even biting, excessive scratching, compulsive body licking and even biting, sometimes resulting in injuries. This attitude can lead to stereotypies, which are constantly repeated movements with no particular purpose, like moving in circles trying to catch his own tail, chasing shadows or lights, or walking through an area repeating exactly the same route over and over again…  They tend to appear when we don’t allow them to carry out the natural behavior of their species, which is very common in zoos and confined or tethered animals.

The state of mind is variable, can appear from dejected and fearful to hyperactive, biting and tearing more than usual.

In the dogs, can appear excessive panting and drooling and in the cats,can appear sudden aggressiveness, make themselves outside the sandbox, mark with the nails more than the usual or lack appetite.

The causes of stress are very variable, in dogs the more frequently are the lack of socialization or boredom, fireworks and storms, separation anxiety, visits to the vet or travel in different types of transport.

The cats, on the other hand, are more sensitive to the change of house or little changes in the same house. Especially stressful for them is the arrival of new family members, both human and animal.

For avoid, we have to give a one healthy and balanced life, with a frequency walks, fun and socialization in the case of the dogs and a one stable and harmonious home in the case of the cats, with a clean and comfortable sandbox in a place to their liking and as far as possible unaltered.

There are pheromone-releasing devices that help the dogs and the cats to relax at home, being useful to mitigate the separation anxiety in the case of the dogs and in the case of the cats it will help in those foreseeable changes in order to minimize them. In several cases, and always prescribed by the vet, it may be necessary to take medication occasionally to overcome a crisis.


But, the best help will always be large doses of affection, caresses and company. 🥰

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