How should you close the food bag or wet food can? How long does the wet food last? How long does an open can last? Can you freeze it?


In this post we give you some very useful tips on how to store and preserve your pet’s food.



How to store dry food (feed)


One of the great advantages of dry food is that it retains all its nutritional value, freshness and flavour for a long time, at least until the date indicated on the packaging, as long as you take care with its storage. to do this, follow the following rules:


  • Keep unopened containers in a cool, dry place away from condensation, sources of moisture, direct heat and sunlight.
  • Store unopened containers flat, on a level surface, and away from sharp points or edges to avoid accidental damage to the bags.
  • Get a large container to keep the open bag of food dry, and make sure it has a lid to insulate it from possible contaminants and parasites.
  • If you don’t store the container in a cupboard, make sure the lid is securely closed. If your dog or cat gets access to the food and ingests a large amount of food, it can cause abdominal bloating.
  • When you open the bag, try not to tear or tear the place where the batch and expiry date are marked, to avoid any issues later.
  • If you serve pre-moistened dry food, remember to serve only the food that will be consumed at that time, and remove any uneaten food after half an hour, as it may attract flies or start to ferment in hot weather.
  • Dried food can also be frozen (you will need to thaw it before use) or vacuum-packed.


These measures may seem a bit overkill if you’ve always just folded the packet with a pair of tweezers, “and that’s fine” but it’s highly recommended especially for sensitive animals and those with allergies, as the feed can be a good substrate for mite build-up.


So, if your dog or cat has a mite allergy or you suspect he or she might have one and you buy a large packet, pour a small amount into a jar for several days, and use that container to serve the daily food. This will save you from having to open and close the bag all day.



How to store canned food


Our wet food is cooked in the can, as most premium manufacturers do, so you can be sure it’s free of contaminants unless you see a dented or broken can.


Follow the following guidelines for preservation:


  • Store cans carefully so as not to damage them.
  • Keep canned foods in a cool, dry place also because direct heat may spoil both the contents and the texture. Moisture can cause rust which, if left for some time, can get into the can.
  • When you open a can and your dog or cat is not going to consume it in its entirety, remove it from the can and store it in a safe container.  You can keep it for up to seventy-two hours in the fridge.

Our moist foods can even be frozen if you are only using small portions. We recommend that you freeze it already cut into portions, and thaw only what you are going to consume.

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