We have improved our recipes!
One of the advantages of this product is its versatility because, even if its main goal is to sort hypoallergenic and gastrointestinal issues, it is also suitable for dogs with no pathologies who prefer the soft taste of white fish as a main protein resource.

The most important question… Why white fish?

There are two reasons:

Improved density: when we cook fresh fish, the water that it contains gets evaporated, getting lighter and more digestible croquettes without losing its nutritional value. This characteristic is particularly beneficial for dogs who suffer gastrointestinal issues.
Moreover, the recipe still has nucleotides which help the immune and digestive system, also fatty acids from the Krill, chondroprotectors and MSM which also treat one of the major problems in dogs as it is osteoarthritis.

Increases palatability: fresh fish flavour makes the croquette, apart from lighter, to be more eye-catching for the dog, providing a very satisfactory culinary experience.

Due to this, Lenda Nature Sensitive is the perfect food to care for your furry friend in a healthy and equilibrated way, at the same time that enjoys eating.

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