A few weeks ago we talked about several cats that had become famous for different reasons, so today we are going to talk about dogs that have become famous for different reasons


Boo and Jiffpom


These two dogs have become famous in different years but they both share the same fact that has made them famous, and that is that they are two Pomeranians, whose adorable appearance reminds us of a teddy bear.



Do you know these famous dogs?

Boo’s owner was a Facebook worker, who decided to create a Facebook page where she was uploading photos of him, his popularity came when different personalities shared on their social networks, which mode them increase considerably

But in 2019 he left us without his beauty while he slept, because as his owner said after the death of his best doggy friend in 2017, his heart literally broke in reference to the heart problems that appeared to him.

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Jiffpom became famous for three reasons, the first of course for its beauty and resemblance to a teddy bear, the second is because of its beauty has appeared in several music videos of songs, his most famous appearance is in the video for the song Dark Horse by Katy Perry.

And the third reason, and the most striking is that he is the holder of two Guinness World Records, namely the 10-metre run on his hind legs, which he did in 6.56 seconds, and the 5-metre run on his front legs, which he did in 7.76 seconds.

When these records were certified in 2015, a video was published talking a little about him and showing his quality through the streets of L.A., where he currently lives.

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Do you know these famous dogs?

Norbert is a dog that for different qualities such as his height as it measures 7 inches or what is the same almost 18 centimetres, if you want a comparison is a little bigger than a hand. And also his face has an adorable point of view with a little bit of his tongue sticking out.

His greatest virtue is that he’s a therapy dog, that what he does is to help the sick in nursing homes or hospitals. He’s the current volunteer at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, so he accompanies the children so that not being able to be at home makes it easier for them.

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Her tilted head and her tongue out gives her a curious and adorable look, but her story isn’t so adorable.

She was a stray dog who, being old and sick, wasn’t adopted until Shirley Braha came along and after picking her up in Connecticut, gave her a bath to make her smell go away and after a visit to the vet to extract her rotten teeth, which were causing a cloudiness in one of her eyes.

Her head has to do with a Vestibular syndrome that also affects her balance but doesn’t prevent her from living a normal life, but now her tilted head is looking down on us from the sky from 2020.

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Do you know these famous dogs?

Zappa is a beautiful fifteen years old greyhound, who became famous for his great resemblance to the best known sloth bear in the animated world, Syd from the movie “Ice Age”, and also by different photographic montage with different animals such as giraffes.

But this isn’t the only fact that makes it special, but also his tongue out that has to do with a dental anomaly that usually suffer the greyhounds that make them gradually lose their teeth, currently only 2 teeth left.

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Do you know these famous dogs?

Marutaro is a dog that for his smile, his round face and his pointed ears, when he got more popularity was when after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, his owner who already had social networks of Marutaro, uploaded three photos daily to raise the spirits of the people, but these photos weren’t only seem in Japan but they were seen all over the world 

He is so famous in the Asian lands that he even has his own museum, the Gallery Marusan, in the city of Tokyo, in which there are photos, his books and other items that are related to him.

Here you have a video about him and his Instagram

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