Nowadays there are a lot of pets that due to their peculiarities, a specific fact or because their owners are famous, have a great popularity in social media. Today we will talk about different cases of cats that are popular on Social media.



Do you know these famous cats?

The case of this cat is different from the rest of the cats, because she has become famous because of the place where she lived until recently.

Anastacia is 17 years old and is a stray cat who a few months ago decided to settle under the arches of the Rector’s Palace.

Her first home was a cardboard box from which she moved to a wooden box with a velvet pillow made by Srdjan Kera, who made it in the architectural style of the building.

Well the reason she went viral is because of some bad news and is that she was evicted from the house she chose as her home, which caused citizens to mobilise for Anastacia to return home. 

She is now back in the palace but the only thing he has to sleep in is a cardboard box or a piece of polystyrene. 

Different people have created a Facebook page to report what is happening  with her, so we leave it below


Do you know these famous cats?

This cat has become famous for nothing more and nothing  less than her ears, because instead of having two ears she has four ears.

But don’t worry, this genetic mutation has no repercussions on her health or hearing.Another characteristic is that she has a white spot on her belly in the shape of a heart. 

The story of how this cat appeared in the life of her owners is that she was born in the garden of some friends, then her owners decided to adopt her and took her to the vet to check that the strange condition of her ears had no danger to her health  

Although this mutation has only one drawback and that is that having two more ears her jaw can not close normally, so sometimes in the photos she comes out with a little tongue out. 

If you want to see her here you have her social media


Do you know these famous cats?

His fame came mostly from videos in which his expression made the videos funny or curious

These videos are the cat sitting on a chair in which it looks like a guest at a party or a meeting with some party lights, but what is striking is the expression of despondency, before which his fans identify with him 

But the truth behind these videos is that the chair in which Stepan is sitting is his favourite chair, so most of the time he ends up falling asleep in it, which is why this expression means that he is falling asleep.

In the last few weeks he has been in the news, and has had to flee from his home in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov, having to spend an odyssey of several hours to reach the border with Poland, he is currently in France and has been raising money to help all the people who are in Ukraine.

If you want to see the situations and read about her experience from the beginning until she arrived in France, here you have her social media

Lil bub 

Do you know these famous cats?

Lil bub is a cat that, due to the multiple mutations she was born with, has become a famous cat because of her adorable appearance.

 Although she is no longer with us since 2019, she has left a great audiovisual legacy such as the documentary Lil Bub & Friendz or the countless videos that are published on Youtube or Instagram

Thanks to his great fame he has been the standard bearer of different social causes such as the promotion of the first national fund for pets in the United States and his various mutations were the cause of various genetic and biological research.

 If you want to see what made her special don’t hesitate to visit all her social media


Do you know these famous cats?

This cat was found by his current owner the day after he was born, she took them all to the kennel where she works, where she took a liking to him and adopted him herself, the rest of his three siblings were all adopted, two of them were adopted by the same family.

What makes him special is that he has a kind of black moustache in the mouth area, reminiscent of the great Freddie Mercury. What causes that many comments in his publications are saying what he looks like or in a funny way but Freddie Mercury had not passed away 

If you want to see this resemblance, visit his social media

Chase, Skye, Millie

Do you know these famous cats?

These three cats which became viral for different videos, like making a spa for their cats in which their owner also participates, teaching them how to drive or when he tells them stories in different situations like in a tent set up in the kitchen.

But these three felines also belong to the also famous Furrha family who are close to ten million followers on Tik Tok and close to a million on Instagram, but they are far surpassed by these three felines as on Tik Tok they are 100.000 followers away from 10 million and on Instagram they have 1.3 million followers. 

So we leave a small video compilation of different moments made by ladbible

And of course also his social media

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