Normally when we hear the word deafness, we identify it with humans but it also exists in animals, today we are going to talk about it.

As they can’t learn sign language like us, but they can learn or associate certain gestures to certain daily actions such as going for a walk or being warned that certain people have arrived, but the fact that they are deaf doesn’t change the fact that their reaction is the same as that of any other pet.

One problem they have is when socialising with other pets, since being deaf they don’t know when they have to finish their games or they are considered too intense because they always want to be playing, so sometimes their owners don’t want them and abandon them.

One of these stories of abandonment is that of Bocha, who when his previous owner had fallen ill with Covid and was transferred to a medical care centre, Bochas was temporarily sent to a foster home, but as time went by his foster family who are now his owners realised that something was happening every time they informed them of how Bocha was doing until one day he blocked them. This was the push they needed to adopt a dog but Bocha apart from being deaf as a result of an accident suffered the loss of an eye.

But knowing how is the day to day life of these dogs and their owners is complicated, but currently there is a person in Tik Tok whose user is Cotufaloca, whose dog is deaf and is reporting how it is to live with her 

There are also cats that suffer from deafness, it isn’t as well documented as in the case of dogs but there are some, such as Kafta, who was adopted by her owners when they moved to their current home and they are showing on social networks how they use rewards to teach her different gestures so that she can understand them without the need for a reward.

We invite you to visit their social networks to learn more about their stories.

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