🎉Today we want to tell you some news that makes us especially excited!✨

Once again, the Vigo Free Trade Zone Consortium, through the studies carried out by the ARDÁN Business Information Service, has certified that Lenda Pet Food, S.L. has achieved the ARDÁN Gazelle Company 2021 indicator.

But what does this mean?🤔

According to ARDÁN, Gazelle Companies are those that achieve a high and constant growth rate in their revenue figures, specifically of more than 25% for 3 consecutive years and annually identifies Galician companies that are benchmarks in the economy for their results related to business management. Only 5% of the more than 30,000 companies analysed in Galicia manage to pass its demanding criteria and thus achieve this recognition. These indicators, awarded by the Vigo Free Trade Zone, are backed by experts in the field of competitiveness and business management and seek to endorse with scientific rigour those companies that stand out for their good performance in the sector.

In addition, this certificate recognises and highlights Lenda for its ability to respond and adapt to market demands, generate wealth, create jobs and attract and retain talent.

And this makes us very happy!😊

Because it’s a way to distinguish our work and effort but above all, this recognition motivates us to continue working to achieve the welfare of our dogs and cats always through innovation and teamwork to achieve everything we set out to do!🐾

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