Cats have more resources to avoid body heat than other animals like dogs because they have more perspiratory glands spread all over their body. They also lick themselves to help refresh. Even tho, cats can also suffer in summer, and at Lenda we recommend to be more careful during the warmer months. This is why we are giving you this advice for them not to be very hot during summer months.

1. Cut their hair:

A hairstyle session seems to be a good option to have our cat ready for summer, however, we have to be careful because it is not always recommended. We should only cut a cat’s hair when it is a long one, and only in strategic areas that a specialist knows. Hair is a protection for them from the sun and the heat, so it is not recommended to cut too much.

2. Brush their hair frequently:

It is one of the cat’s favorite cuddles and it is also a good remedy to avoid them to be hot. During warm months these felines usually lose more hair and to brush them helps to this process. We will also avoid from getting knots that might obstruct perspiration.

3. Wet wipes:

If you notice that your cat is uncomfortable due to the heat, you should try to wipe him with a wet towel from the head to the body. Like this, we will make a similar feeling than when they sweat, that our pet will thank. If your cat tolerates water, to put its paws inside of cold water might also help to fight against high temperatures.

4. Hydratation

As it happens with humans, cats need to drink more when it is hot.To make them drink more often it will help is we put some ice cubes into their water. When it is time to eat we will add some Lenda wet food, which will add extra hydration to them and gives many healthy benefits.

5. Sun cream:

Even if it is not a common topic, UV rays can cause some troubles to our pets, it can even burn their skin. To put some small quantities of sunscreen on, it is recommended to cats with short or without hair. We could use the same cream that we do, but we should always ask the veterinary first.

6. Ventilate

Your pet will be very grateful if you ventilate your house and to let them stay at fresh spaces when it is too hot. When it comes to open the windows at Lenda we recommend you to be careful because it might be dangerous for your cat. The best remedy to avoid them to run away is to get a window protection specially made for cats.


Summer time is a period when our cat might look tired and eat less. You should not worry about it but keep an eye on him. Once again, the best advice is to give wet Lenda food to your cat: it is perfect to increase their appetite and to provide good hydration. Providing healthy nutrition and taking care of their environment, our cat´s wellbeing will be perfect even if the mercury goes high.

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